Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions at Darc'r Hair Salon in Rotherham

If you're ready for a new look, visit the hair extension specialists at Darc'r Hair Salon in Rotherham. Our hair extensions are perfect if you want to add length, volume, or a bit more body to your hair. Whether you're dreaming of longer locks or just want a fuller style, we've got a variety of options including different lengths, textures, and colours to choose from.

We use high-quality BeautyWorks Hair Extensions at Darc'r Hair Salon, for a luxurious and natural look. To get started on your journey to gorgeous hair, schedule a free consultation with one of our extension experts.

If you are interested in adding length, volume or colour to your hair, book a complimentary consultation at our Rotherham hair salon. Call us on 01709 830435 to schedule your visit. 

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Extensions For Longer Hair

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Enjoy longer, flowing locks with our skilfully applied hair extensions at Darc'r Hair Salon. Our fantastic BeautyWorks hair extensions offer a seamless and naturally beautiful solution for adding length to your hair. Our stylists excel in crafting the perfect blend, guaranteeing that your hair appears effortlessly longer and more voluminous. 

Hair Extensions For Volume

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For those with fine or thin hair, achieve enviable volume and length with our high-quality human hair extensions at Darc'r Hair Salon. Book a consultation with our extensions specialists to assess your hair, discuss the process, receive a no-obligation quote, and learn about aftercare to maintain your extensions' flawless appearance.

Hair Extensions Aftercare

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At Darc'r Hair Salon, we prioritise your hair's health and provide full aftercare instructions during your consultation. With proper care, our human hair extensions can last up to six months. We recommend limiting hair washing to twice a week and regularly separating the bonds to prevent matting and discomfort during the removal process.

Hair Extensions For Short Hair

BeautyWorks hair extensions salon in Rotherham South Yorkshire

Hair extensions are great for growing out a shorter hairstyle, adding length to hair that's hard to grow past a certain point, or adding back volume to the top of the head or around the face. As long as your hair is at least 3-4 inches long and in good condition, you can get hair extensions at our Rotherham salon.

BeautyWorks Hair Extensions 

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The longevity of hair extensions depends on various factors, including the type of extensions and how well they are maintained. Generally speaking, high-quality human hair extensions, such as the BeautyWorks extensions we use at Darc'r Hair Salon, can last between 4 to 6 months with proper care.


Colouring Hair Extensions

BeautyWorks hair extensions salon in Rotherham South Yorkshire

Hair extensions at Darc'r act just like your natural hair. You can style them with heated appliances, curl or straighten them, and add colour if you're feeling adventurous. However, we recommend opting for pre-coloured extensions to achieve the desired look without affecting the integrity of the extensions.

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Hair Extensions Appointments at Rotherham's Premier Hair Salon

Start your journey to fabulous long hair that is full of volume by booking a hair extensions consultation at Darc'r Hair Salon in Rotherham on 01709 830435.