Cuts & Styles

 Whether you're seeking a quick trim or a fabulous new hairstyle, we have the expertise to create a look that suits you perfectly.

If you're ready for a hair transformation, schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our experienced stylists at Darc'r. We'll discuss your hair preferences, asses your hair type, texture, and condition, and provide recommendations for hairstyles that will showcase your individual style and enhance your natural beauty.

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Hair Colour

A beautiful hair colour has the power to change your entire look and boost your confidence. 

Whether you're drawn to timeless shades like blonde or brunette, or you're leaning towards a bold fashion statement, our team at Darc'r Hair Salon in Rotherham is here to offer the ideal hair colour for you. Our hair colour experts stay updated on the latest trends and techniques, ready to guide you in finding the perfect hairstyle or colour that suits you best.

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Hair Extensions at Darc'r Hair Salon in Rotherham

Hair Extensions

If you're ready for a new look, visit the hair extension specialists at Darc'r Hair Salon in Rotherham. Our hair extensions are perfect if you want to add length, volume, or a bit more body to your hair. Whether you're dreaming of longer locks or just want a fuller style, we've got a variety of options including different lengths, textures, and colours to choose from. We use high-quality BeautyWorks Hair Extensions at Darc'r Hair Salon, for a luxurious and natural look. To get started on your journey to gorgeous hair, schedule a free consultation with one of our extension experts.

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Keratin Treatments at Darc'r Hair Salon in Rotherham

Keratin Treatments

Experience frizz free, silky smooth hair for longer with a keratin treatment at Darc'r Hair Salon in Rotherham. Our Keratin Blow Dry, also known as the Brazilian Blow Dry, is designed to provide you with irresistibly smooth locks. A keratin treatment will deliver stunning, more easily manageable hair, saving you precious styling time. Whether you're aiming for straight locks or a subtle wave, our TrueKeratin treatments cater to your unique style.

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Non-Surgical Hair Replacement at Darc'r Hair Salon in Rotherham

Hair Replacement Systems

At Darc'r Hair Salon in Rotherham, we understand that your hair plays a crucial role in how you feel about yourself. So let us introduce you to our Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Systems for men and women which allow you to regain a full head of hair without the need for surgery. Our salon owner and expert stylist, Kai Dennis, is fully qualified in creating hair replacement solutions using HD Hair Development and UltraStrands. Your hair system will be tailored to your needs to create a realistic hairline and cover up any bald spots or areas of thinning hair.

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Visit Darc'r Hairdressers in Rotherham

Whether you’re after precision cuts tailored to your needs, a fabulous hair colour, keratin smoothing treatment, hair extensions or hair replacement system, there is no doubt that we can transform the way you look and feel.

Our talented and friendly team at Darc’r offer the unrivalled standards and professionalism you would expect from a salon in the heart of Rotherham but without the heart-stopping price-tag that often accompanies these services.

We will work hard to try and exceed your expectations so book your appointment today by calling Darc'r Hair Salon in Rotherham on 01709 830435.


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